Other Writings

I used to be a regular blogger as part of Quest for Meaning: A UU Collective on the faith and spirituality site patheos.com.
Here is a selection of links to some of those pieces:

Getting Tough   6/1/2017

Smells Like White Racism  3/24/2017

Getting in the Christmas Spirit  12/15/2016

Protectors  12/4/2016

Now What?  11/17/2016

After the Election  11/9/2016

Send Me  9/21/2016

Law and Order  07/19/2016

Profile of a Murderer  06/13/2016

Advice to a Graduate  06/02/2016

The Lure of Our Worst Natures  01/06/2016

In the Face of Evil  11/15/2015

PC  10/30/2015

Punishment  7/28/2015

Anne Lamott and the Pee-Pee Tweet  6/12/2015

Happy Earth Day 4/22/2015

Seeing is Believing  11/26/2014

The Losing Team  11/6/2014

Good Enough: 10 Tips for Sucking Less  10/1/2014

Security  9/11/2014

Close to Home  8/16/2014

What to Say?  8/6/2014

Oops, Oh Well  6/10/2014

What He Deserves  5/29/2014

What to Wear  5/16/2014

The Joy of Taxes  4/16/2014

Pulling Weeds  4/9/2014

All the Rage  2/26/2014

Valentine’s Day  2/12/2014

A Whole Heart: Remembering Pete Seeger  1/29/2014

After the Resolutions Die  1/8/2014

The Real War on Christmas  12/11/2013

Nelson Mandela  12/5/2013

Playing Together  11/20/2013

Ideology  10/01/2013

WTF?  09/16/2013

A Better Choice  09/11/2013

Heroes  08/21/2013

Stand Your Ground 07/15/2013

What it Means  06/26/2013

When Worlds Collide 06/19/2013

Courage  06/05/2013

Acts of God  05/21/2013

Consent   05/15/2013

For Mother’s Day  05/08/2013

Where Danger Lurks  4/24/2013

We Don’t Know  04/15/2013

What We Measure  04/10/2013

Before the Court  03/27/2013

A Balancing Act  03/20/2013

Good Guys and Bad Guys   03/06/2013

Standing on Principle  2/27/2013

Kinds of Love 02/13/2013

Beyonce at Half-Time  02/06/2013

Pro-Life/Pro-Choice 01/30/2013

A Place in the Family 01/16/2013

What Do We Owe? 01/10/2013

Ready for Christmas 12/12/2012

A Different Thanksgiving 11/21/2012

Moving On 11/15/2012

What Isn’t Said 10/18/2012

The Connection of Church and State 10/10/2012

The Cost of Speaking  8/29/2012

What’s Behind the Spin  8/15/2012

Holding the Wrong Anchor   7/26/2012

Being Good for Nothing  7/12/2012

What Kind of a Parent is God?  5/23/2012

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